Well we have our nominees for the 16th Canadian comedy Awards.

Click here to see the list of nominees.

Voting begins Now and closes August 15th. log on and vote and tell your friends. Public voting registration is still open.

Please check the website late July early August for information on how to get tickets to the 16th Canadian Comedy Awards Sunday September 13th At the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon 789 Yonge And we are back at the Pilot Tavern just down the street 22 Cumberland for our legendary Post awards party!

We would like to thank our vetters and our juries for their hard work. This was a very tough year as there were so many worthy submissions.

Many thanks to:

David Antoniuk, Philippe Soucy, Carla Nolan, Scott Paterson, Tim Progosh Mike Fly, Annie Bradley, Nicole Dorsey, Nicole Close, Thorben Bieger Barbara Goslawski, Stephanie Kaliner, Mary Mason, Andrew Ferguson Kristian Bruun, Paul Saunders, Lindsay Ames, Victoria Kutcher, Matt King Allana Harkin, Joel West, Kevin Allan, Jason DeRosse, Jennifer DeLucia Kenny Hotz, Bradley Yandon, Darryl Dinn, Isaac Kessler, Elyse Mason, Adam Cawley, Carrie Knight, Kristin Hinton, Daisy Progosh, Carly Heffernan, Ashely Seaman, Mark Andrada, Josh Holliday, Paolo Mancini, Kathleen Laskey, Chris Wilson, Bob Sorger , Kenny Hotz, Mike Robertson, Leslie Seiler, Pat Smith, Stephanie Kaliner, Frank McAnulty, David Dineen Porter, Bobby Mair, Dan Galea, Mary Mason, Dan Abramovici, Diana Galligan, Denise Jones, Shelia McCarthy, Chris Wilson, Cory Diamond, Devon Hyland, Burke Lawrence, Colette Kendall, Lindsay Ames, Dan Stolfi, Colin Munch, Paolo Mancini, Cory Diamond, Carmine Lucarelli, Rhiannon Archer, Nicole Passmore, Deanne Smith, Andrew Johnston, Ali Hassan, Mike Tackas, Topher Harrison, Chemika Bennett Heath, James Dalzell, Evan Wilson, Kyra Williams, Dave Small, Robert Keller, Winston Spear, Mark Little, Jeffery McEnery, Rick Wharton, Mike Robertson, Kristin van Rizen, Aaron Hagey Mackey, Nathan MacIntosh, Mandy Sellers, James Dalzell, Craig Brown, Julie Dumais Osbourne, Ann Pornel, Mike Kiss, James Gangl , Dale Boyer, Carson Pinch, Adam Cawley, Phil LeConte, Deanna Palazzo, Trevor Martin, Kirsten Rasmussen, Gwynne Phillips, Dina Pino, Amy Matysio, Andrea Del Campo, Carson Pinch, Darryl Pring, TJ Dawe, Colette Kendall, Christel Bartelse,

The awards committee has been busy

The 17th awards are moving to the Spring 2016! There will be a new How to video for submitters, discounts for multiple submissions and more. Keep checking for more updates or drop us a line and get on the mailing list.


This year, a $1,000 cash prize will be presented to the winners of the male and female improviser category made possible by The Pat & Tony Adams Freedom Fund for the Arts.
Pat and Tony Adams shared a deep love for the arts. In particular, they were devoted fans of jazz music, theatre, improv and comedy, and had great respect and affection for those who dedicated their lives to pursuing these passions professionally. The Fund continues their tradition of encouraging such artists, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills and share their talents with audiences everywhere.  continues their tradition of encouraging such artists, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills and share their talents with audiences everywhere.   


Voter/Submitter registration for both public and industry voters is open year-round. Registration is open to all Canadians.

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Many thanks to everyone who submitted their work in 2014, to the jurors who juried that work, to all the voters who voted on the nominees, and to all our producers, partners and audiences who helped make the 15th annual Canadian Comedy Awards a resounding success. Be sure to like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.