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10 Famous Comedians Who Are Fans of Vaping

Vaping has become an increasingly popular activity over the years, both for those trying to quit smoking and for those simply interested in the diverse flavors and experiences it offers. Among the many fans of vaping are some of the world’s most celebrated comedians.
In the midst of crafting jokes that leave audiences in stitches, these comedians often find solace in the puff of their favorite vapes, adding a touch of relaxation to their hectic lives on the comedy circuit.


How to Make a Funny Vape Meme

As vaping becomes more popular, so does the creation of vape memes. Funny, clever, and sometimes irreverent, these images are a great way to express your love for vaping – or just make people laugh. Here is how to make your own funny vape meme.
Pick a funny image
The first step to creating a funny vape meme is to find a hilariously appropriate image. This could be anything from a cartoon character taking a big vape hit, to someone making an exaggerated face after using an e-cig for the first time. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that will…

Cannabis Make You Laugh

Why Does Cannabis Make You Laugh?

One of the effects of smoking cannabis is its ability to make you find humor to what your sober mind would not. If you read this story, You are likely to know this feeling when you consume cannabis. What is this property of cannabis that adds a humorous light to everyday life? To understand how CBD gummies makes you laugh, we need to understand what laughter is.
Why do we laugh?
Laughter is a consequence of various areas of the brain that govern motor function, memory, language, auditory interpretation, and logic. This fact makes it difficult for neuroscientists …

Top 5 Comedy Clubs in Toronto

Toronto is one of the famous cities of Canada that is popular with some comedy clubs. Entertainment is heavily required in any person’s life because the mind gets frustrated after a hectic day. Such calm conversation and satisfying jokes on daily affairs and other hot topics help people calm their nerves. Such comedy clubs and standup comedy trend is now famous worldwide, but the Toronto comedy clubs are best of them all.
The comedy scenes have no exception in that clubs. In some clubs, comedians mimic personalities and don’t …


Canadian TV Comedy: A Brief History

Canadian comedy has truly developed itself over time. From live stand-up comedy shows to televised comedy acts, it has simply become funnier and more relevant to the time. Comedy movies and TV shows have sprouted with the evolution of mass media. It doesn’t matter if you watch them in your home or in the garden. Internet was even the blast of the comedy industry. It has allowed many funny golfers to become superstars of the industry. Everyone just started to upload comic videos on Youtube, Vimeo, and even on their Facebook feeds. All these come from a simple and humble beginning.


The Winners of the 2019 Canadian Comedy Awards

The 2019 Canadian Comedy Awards was held at The Second City Toronto on June 4. Many Canadian comedy artists were given awards for their magnificent works in the media of television, live telecast, and online productions, alongside all the artists who have done multimedia performances. Some of Canada’s best comedians are also part time fishermen. Others are mothers who are raising kids and writing funny sketches.
The awards were categorized into four categories: Multimedia, Live, Television, and Online production. All awardees were present during the event and were all well-applauded for bagging the awards for their exemplary …


10 Comedians to Watch along with their Comedies

Canadian comedy has become a lot more unique than they were thanks to all the dedicated Canadian comedians. Many of them are making their names in making people laugh at any time of the day. The technology on the web allowing these comedians to be seen and heard has come a long way. Here are ten comedians in the Canadian comedy industry alongside with their wittiest and funniest jokes.
Carolyn Taylor
Many say she is much funny when using cannabis oil. She is the star of the all-female cast Baroness von Sketch Show in which she is also the creator. The show is aired on CBC and you can watch their full episodes on…