10 Comedians to Watch along with their Comedies

Canadian comedy has become a lot more unique than they were thanks to all the dedicated Canadian comedians. Many of them are making their names in making people laugh at any time of the day. The technology on the web allowing these comedians to be seen and heard has come a long way. Here are ten comedians in the Canadian comedy industry alongside with their wittiest and funniest jokes.

Carolyn Taylor

Many say she is much funny when using cannabis oil. She is the star of the all-female cast Baroness von Sketch Show in which she is also the creator. The show is aired on CBC and you can watch their full episodes on cbc.ca

Julien Dionne

She is the host of the Julien Dionne Comedy Hour and is available for download on iTunes and at juliendionne.com

Daniel Woodrow

You can watch his funny stints, work jokes, and other photo posts on his Instagram, @mrwoodrow

Scott Vrooman

You can follow him and his short but funny jokes and tweets on @mescottvrooman

Stephanie Tolev

You can follow her practical jokes and tweets on her Twitter account, @StephTolev

Jessica Salomon

She was a former war-crime lawyer who became a stand-up comedian and is currently living in New York City. You can follow her latest jokes and tweets on Twitter @jess_salomon

DeAnne Smith

She is hosting her podcast, “Questionable at Best”, on her website deannesmith.com. You can also follow her on her Twitter account @DeAnne_Smith

Ennis Esmer

He currently plays the role of Nash, a troublemaker and a pro tennis player, in the comedy series “Red Oaks,” You can follow him and his jokes on Twitter, @ennisesmer

Jackie Pirico

She is a comedian in Toronto who has been performing stage comedy acts across North America. You can follow her and her witty jokes on Twitter, @jackiepirico

Graham Chittenden

You can follow him on his Twitter account @grahamchit for more of his jokes and hilarious tweets.

Jen Grant

She has debuted her comedy CD, Nobody Likes Your Homemade Wine, which is now available on her website, jengrant.com. She is also known for her silly relationship jokes and funny conversations with her boyfriend.

Steve Patrick Adams

He is into a lot of comic strips, stand-up comedies, and hilarious animations, which is all available on his website at stevepatrickadams.com.

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