Facts & History

3 Basics Facts About Canadian Comedy

  • We are a non-profit organization that strives to present the voice of stand-up comedians in Canada through empowering them and uniting them under our roof.
  • Canada Council is continuously supporting artists in the field of comedy and novelty through recognizing them, their organizations, and their activities and engagements. They also provide $144.8 million in grants to all these artists in Canada
  • As stand-up comedy is not yet a recognized art form in this country, it is our mission to bring stand-up comedy to such recognition.

How We Began

We started our movement through the inspiration of Sandra Battaglini’s “Just A Little Reciprocity”, an open letter she wrote to PM Justin Trudeau that presents stand-up comedy’s condition in the Canadian society and all its strife and struggles in making people happy. The spirit of Sandra’s letter brought joy in us stand-up comedians and stand-up comedy enthusiasts to build this organization as support to this art and its artists in Canada and all over the world.