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The Canadian Comedy is made possible by all the volunteers who made all stand-up comedians in the country feel they belong, and their art is as important as any art. Here are some of the departments that comprise all the functions of the organization
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Visas & Travel

Stand-up comedians usually face challenges when performing outside of the country or foreign comedians performing in Canada. Here are some travel and visa information every Canadian comedian should know when wanting to perform outside the country. You can click each to learn more about them.
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Grants & Government Funding

While stand-up comedians are not receiving any grant and funding as stand-up comedy is not a recognized art, we want to change that. Here are some organizations The Canadian Comedy seeks to accept stand-up comedy in Canada.
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Comedy Movement

This organization desires to build a dynamic and thriving community and industry in the art of stand-up comedy in Canada. We seek all comedians, whether they are up-and-coming or well-established and engage them in our advocacies, support for programming and professional development, and career opportunities in the industry of stand-up comedy. We endeavor to bring comedy, alongside all stand-up comic artists and comedians, and its essence to society domestically and internationally….