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This page will expand as more questions arise. If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us.



I forgot my password. What do I do?

> Click here to retrieve your account password.

I forgot my username. What do I do?

> Your username is the email address you used to register your account.

If you no longer have access to the email account you used when you first registered, please contact

Am I allowed to have more than one voting account?

> No, that would be considered fraud. We regularly check our voting roll to ensure that there are no duplicate accounts and, if we find any, we delete them. If a voter is found to have voted twice from two separate accounts, both accounts are deleted and the voter is banned. We also check for fake accounts used to affect public voting. With all the hidden information we collect from all user interactions with the website, they are remarkably easy to spot. Please do not waste your time or ours by trying to rig the voting.

Why on Earth would you ask for the password to my email address? It is unwise to give out your password to anyone. Why would I give it to you?

> We wouldn't on Earth ask you for your email password. That password form field is for you to create a password for your CCA voting account. We recommend using a unique password, NOT your email address password.

My husband/wife/partner and I share the same email account. Can two people vote using the same email address?

> No. Every voting account is required to have its own unique email address.

I registered as a Public Voter but I now have the credentials to be recognized as an Industry Voter. What do I do?

I am currently a Public Voter but I have been nominated in an industry-only voting category. Do I still have to collect 3 endorsements to become a registered Industry Voter?

> No. You have already received those endorsements, from the Industry Voter who submitted you and the jurors whose selections led to your nomination.

Please contact to upgrade your account to Industry Voter status.

In order to attain Industry Voter status, I have to be endorsed by 3 industry voters - how can I find a list of industry voters to see who I know?

> We are not permitted to publish or give away such information. We suggest you ask those people you know within the community. For example, if you take or have taken any courses at Second City or the comedy program at Humber College, it's a good bet any of your instructors are Industry Voters. If there's a TheatreSports league or comedy club in your city, there are likely some Industry Voters there. All previous CCA nominees are eligible Industry Voters.

I registered as a union-affiliated Industry Voter but now I'm listed as CCA; what does that mean?

> Union association is only used in a voter's first year of voting. For any consecutive years as a voter, their account is labeled "CCA" so that we do not have to continually send their info to their union for validation.

I unsubscribed from your email list and now I don't receive notifications of when submissions and voting open and close. How do I get back on your email list?

> Easy. Click here.

I have committed voter fraud. Now what?

> Anyone found to be committing voter fraud can be prevented from submitting or voting for 1-5 years.



Why can't I see all the categories listed in the voting category menu?

> Because you are registered as a public voter. Public voters may only vote in public voting categories.

Does not voting for a category count as abstaining? Or does it invalidate my entire ballot?

> It does not invalidate your ballot. You can vote in any one or more categories.



Am I eligible to make a submission for consideration in the Canadian Comedy Awards?

> Only registered Industry Voters are permitted to make submissions to industry-only voting categories. Both Industry and Public Voters may submit to public voting categories. Please check the criteria for registering as a voter.

How do I make a submission to the Canadian Comedy Awards?

> You need to first sign in to your registered voter account.

Once you do, a second navigation menu will appear on the right side of the page .

Click on "Your Submissions".

From the Your Submissions page, you can add a new submission or update submissions you've already made.

Submissions can only be made when our submissions process is open.

Can I make more than one submission?

> Yes. You can submit any number of nominations you wish but each is considered a separate submission with a separate form and fee.

I am not an Industry Voter. Can I still be submitted to one of the industry-only voting categories?

> Yes. Any Industry Voter can submit an artist who is not an Industry Voter to an industry-only voting category. It is then confirmed with the artist that they wish to be submitted.

If the artist rejects the submission, the submission is deactivated.

If the artist agrees to the submission, the submission remains active and both the submitter and the artist are informed what their responsibilities are in the delivery of submission materials (i.e. photo, bio, submission videos).

However, only Industry Voters may vote in industry-only voting categories. So if the artist wanted to vote, they would first need to become an Industry Voter.

Becoming an Industry Voter gets you 2 things: the ability to submit to and the ability to vote in industry-only voting categories.

You do not need to be an Industry Voter to be submitted. You only need to be an Industry Voter to be the person who is doing the submitting.

Can I submit my sketch/improv troupe AND our comedic play/revue/series?

> You are not permitted to duplicate qualifying performances. So if your troupe had the requisite number of performances to meet the criteria for the troupe category AND IN ADDITION TO THOSE PERFORMANCES your play/revue/series had the requisite number of performance to meet the criteria for Comedic Play/Revue/Series, then yes you could submit to both.

Why are you so picky about my tracking number being on every piece of correspondence?

> When there are errors made in the delivery of submission materials, those tracking numbers allow us to quickly isolate your submission amidst the thousands of emails we receive every year. The quicker we can do that, the sooner any problems your submission might have can be resolved.

Not including your tracking number(s) can sometimes cause errors to occur. So, include your tracking number(s) on everything.

I have lied on my submission to be able to meet the criteria of the category to which I have submitted. Now what?

> Anyone found to be committing submission fraud can be prevented from submitting or voting for 1-5 years.

I know that someone else does not meet the criteria of the category to which they have submitted. Now what?

> The CCAs has strict vetting procedures for criteria adherance. If you have information that a submitter does not meet the criteria, you may contact the Chair of our Awards & Nominations Committee. Their contact info is on our Contact page.

How do your juries work?

> Once a submission qualifies, it moves to the jurying stage.

Juries are made up of a minimum of 5 artists from across Canada who have an expertise in the category they are jurying.

All jurying is conducted online and no juror knows who the other jurors on their jury are.

Jurors rank their Top 5 submissions from 1 to 5. From the cumulative rankings of all the jurors in a category, the nominees are generated.

Jury rankings account for 35% of the final calculated vote, while public and industry voters account for 65% of the final calculated vote.

The chair of the Awards Committee selects a jury chair for each category who then assembles that category's jury. Jurors are screened to ensure they are not jurying content created by a spouse or business partner.



What are jury videos and voting videos?

> Jury videos are what our juries watches to determine who will be nominated. The criteria for jury videos are listed in each category's criteria.

Should your submission be nominated, voting videos are what voters watch to determine who they will vote for. They can be up to 3 minutes in length, with the exception of Best Short, Best Podcast and Best Radio Clip/Program which can be any length up to 60 minutes.

I'm submitting to a live category. Can I use a live performance from a different year in my submission video?

> No. What is being judged is your performance from the qualifying year. You are not permitted to submit content from a previous year or the current calendar year.

Can I add non-live performance content to my submission video to any live categories?

> No. All submission videos to live performance categories must only contain live performance content of the submitted artist(s). Any non-live performance content disqualifies the use of that video.

Can I directly address the jury members or voters in my submission video(s)?

> No. If any titles or voice-overs or any other such content which directly addresses jury members or voters has been added to a video, that video cannot be accepted. And you would then need to provide a video without any such disqualifying content.

How do you want me to edit my video submission?

> Please refer to the specific criteria of the category to which you are submitting. The last sentence of each piece of criteria explains what is needed for your submission's jury video.

Do not submit the original copy of your recording as it will not be returned to you.

I submitted my video(s) already but my video tab still says "incomplete" - what's up with that?

> Until your submission video(s) are processed and ready for jurying, your submission is technically incomplete. Some DVDs have been scratched or have been unable to be converted for Internet viewing by our jurors. Some submission videos require additional processing if the supplied media exceeds the maximum allowable length for a jury or voting video.

Do I need to put a slate or titles off the top of my submission videos?

> You can if you want. But it will eat into the 3-minute time limit* for voting videos. The popup window in which jury members and voters will view your video will contain the title of your submission, the category to which it has been submitted and the content description you entered in your submission form. So you can put a slate in, but it is not necessary at all.

* This does not apply to Best Comedy Special or Short, Best Audio Program or Series and Best Audio Clip which have different time limits.

Can I put titles of the respective artists in my submission video?

> In some cases, yes. For instance, if the same content is being used in submission videos for multiple submissions to the same category, bringing titles up over the respective artist being submitted can be helpful. For instance, if you are submitting the same live improv clip for 3 submissions to Best Male Improviser, having titles over the 3 male improvisers helps jury members keep track of who they are jurying.

Do you still accept submission videos on DVD?

> Yes. We prefer online delivery of materials but we will still accept submission videos on DVD. Our mailing address appears in the Videos tab of your submission(s).

For my submission video, can I send you a copy of a video I downloaded via iTunes?

> No. If you are a writer, actor or director and you want to submit an episode of something you worked on, you need to supply us with non-DRMC submission videos. The majority of the videos you download via iTunes are locked; we can't even open them, let alone process them.

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