So you think you are funny, eh? Then step into the spotlight that shines off the Ottawa River for THE 2014 FUNNIEST PERSON IN THE VALLEY CONTEST.

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Our 2006 Canadian Comedy Award recipients
Live / Best Taped Live Performance
The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Sketch with Kevin McDonald)
Live / Best Male Stand-Up
Pete Zedlacher
Live / Best Female Stand-Up
Laurie Elliott
Live / Best Stand-Up Newcomer
Jon Dore
Live / Best Sketch Troupe or Company
The Second City: "Reloaded"
Live / Best Male Improvisor
Kerry Griffin
Live / Best Improv Troupe or Company
Die-Nasty: "The Live Improvised Soap Opera"
Live / Best Female Improvisor
Lauren Ash
Live / Best Comedic Play, Revue or Series
SARSical the Musical
Live / Best One Person Show
Trapped in Taffeta, by Leslie Seiler
Television / Direction, Special or Episode
The Frantics - Dan Redican, Rick Green, Peter Wildman and Paul Chato (The Frantics Reunion Special)
Television / Direction, Series
Robert de Lint & David Storey (Corner Gas)
Television / Writing, Special or Episode
John Pattison (Puppets Who Kill: "The Joyride")
Television / Best Performance by a Male - Television
Mark McKinney (Slings & Arrows)
Television / Writing, Series
Susan Coyne, Bob Martin and Mark McKinney (Slings & Arrows)
Television / Best Performance by a Female - Television
Janet Wright (Corner Gas)
Film / Best Performance by a Male - Film
Seán Cullen (Phil the Alien)
Film / Best Performance by a Female - Film
Jennifer Robertson (Twitches)
Film / Best Writing - Film
Adam Till (Leo)
Film / Best Direction - Film
Donnie Mullins (Chasing Aces)
Juried Categories / Chairman's Award
Roger Abbott & Don Ferguson
Juried Categories / Dave Broadfoot Award
Mike MacDonald

Congratulations to all of this year's nominees.